International speakers - HEK.SI 2017


Mane PiperevskiMane Piperevski, Piperevski & Associates
M-r Mane Piperevski is security expert with over 10 years of experience and expertise in field of Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing and ICT Forensics. He works currently as CEO and IT Security Consultant at Piperevski&Associates and he is also contributor to open software security community as OWASP Chapter Leader for Macedonia. Recently published white papers “Hacker Attacks - Undetectable attacks from trojans with reverse communication” and “Hacking Attacks - Security Threats in IPv6 networks”. Holder of numerous security certifications (C|EH, E|CSA, C|HFI, E|CIH, E|CSP .NET, MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, C|EI, MCT) and Europe highly ranged Cyber Crime instructor and trainer.



Michael StoutMichael Stout, Nemsec
Growing up in Northern California, Michael Stout began hacking computers in the 1980's. Actually, he started hacking much younger after experimenting with his parent's push button telephone. After a successful career as a board-level IT advisor, he moved to Europe during the Dotcom boom where he held several senior technology advisory roles. For close to twenty years, he has established himself as an international focused information security and cyberwarfare consultant. Michael is passionate about information security. He works in close collaboration with stakeholders to raise security awareness in their organizations while empowering them to take the lead in protecting their systems and information assets from being directly attacked or becoming collateral damage in someone else's conflict.

Casba FitzlCsaba Fitzl
Csaba graduated in 2006, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a computer engineer. He worked at Getronics as a Cisco support engineer for two years, and in 2008 he joined ExxonMobil, where he spent his time with designing and supporting global networks for 4 years. In the past four years, he is looking for information security breaches in the company's network, and his area of focus is network forensics and malware analysis. He currently holds several security certifications (OSWP, OSCP, OSCE, OSEE, CEH, ECSA, CHFI, GREM, GMOB, SISE).


Hambalko BalazsBalázs Hambalkó, Balasec
Balázs is a Penetration tester, Researcher and SQL FAN. He has always had a strong fascination with Network Security (Layer 2), MsSQL related security issues, and he is also interested in exploit development. He started his career in IT Security field 16 years ago with Reverse Engineering. Now he performs web application tests, exploit developments, infrastructure tests and configuration reviews. Sometimes he is asked for an MsSQL Performance Tuning project. He spends his free time with developing his ability in kernel exploits field, hiking, or playing table-tennis. Balázs proudly holds the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE), Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), MsSQL 2012 MCSA, MsSQL 2008 MCTS.

Akos BodisAkos Bodis, Yellow Cube - Darktrace Distributor & Stormshield Master Distributor
Akos Bodis is the CEO and founder of the multinational IT security distribution group Yellow Cube. Akos has a wide range of expertise in managing salesand regional growth of IT security start-ups, with a wide customer range from SME to governmental security agencies. Before Yellow Cube, Akos filled the role of CEE regional director at Stormshield, part of Airbus Defence and Space Cybersecurity, focusing on network security product lines.Previously he worked in the antivirus industry, as the CIO for ESET in Hungary. Akos also holds a computer science master’s degree from the Technical University of Budapest. Yellow Cube is an IT security oriented, value added distribution group of companies with local presence in 15 countries. Based in Hungary, Yellow Cube has offices in Ajka, Budapest, Bratislava, Bucharest and Prague. Yellow Cube represents specialist vendors to provide complex protection of computer networks, endpoints, users and data. With products covering both infrastructure and human security, Yellow Cube provides a wide range of solutions from basic security needs to behavior-based advanced threat protection.


Kevin Kelpen, ERNW
Kevin Kelpen is working in the information securiy management team at ERNW. He is primarily focused on cloud and network security, but he can get enthusiastic about any IT topic involving security. As of now he is writing his master thesis with ERNW to finish his studies in IT Security at TU Darmstadt.

Iztok ŠtormanIztok Štorman, Finspire AG, Švica
Leading management position in Banking for more than 10 years are his key experiences. Managing top EU banks as Société Générale and Hypo Alpe Adria group are crucial in understanding financial and operational trends in banking industry.  IT management was his key role at the beginning of banking career, but after promoting to COO position managing and as well to finance and budget in banking is key for FINPAY success.Currently is manager of Swiss Financial institution with banks cooperation’s. FinTech company Finspire AG with his management is cooperating with Swiss and other banks what is keys to be successful in FinTech industry as part of banking sector. Security is one of most important parts of FinTech industry.

Peter ŽmakPeter Žmak, Finmobile d.o.o. 
With more than 18 successful years as co-owner and CEO of Ličer Solutions, he is one of key player in this fintech company.  His a broad understanding of fintech technology and market needs, combined with leadership skills and extensive knowledge of team management, have been key factors to many successfully completed fintech projects in the past. His experiences and his permanent attitude to find solution for every market challenge are a guarantee also for next project.  Security as one of pillars of banking sector application development is one of most important parts of banking and FinTech industry.


Jose Perez AlegreJose Perez Alegre, F-Secure Labs
Jose Perez, Lead Researcher for the F-Secure Labs, heads the Malware Protection team. A multi-disciplinary group of experts focused on Malware analysis and detection technologies. Jose has contributed to the development of the F-Secure's proprietary behaviour-based DeepGuard technology for over three years. Jose main motivation today is to find new and innovate ways to effectively stop and prevent future Malware attacks.



Antonio ZekićAntonio Zekić, Infigo d.o.o.
Antonio Zekić graduated in 2016 at the College for Information Technologies in Zagreb, Croatia. Previously Antonio was employed as systems and network engineer at the company named LOST where he participated in various project such as implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Windows and FreeBSD systems.Since August 2008, he continued his professional career in SVAM plus as a systems engineer. He was responsible for systems and network administration with emphasis on information security. Since June 2016, he works in INFIGO IS as an information security researcher and consultant.His main interest and work area are computer networks, reverse engineering, vulnerability research, penetration testing, web and mobile applications security, code audit and development of applications for security vulnerability detection.In his spare time, Antonio enjoys reverse engineering and vulnerability research.

Bálint Varga-PerkeBálint Varga-Perke, Silent Signal
Bálint Varga-Perke (OSCP, GWAPT) is a founder of Silent Signal where he serves as an IT security expert. Since 2010 he's been performing penetration tests for major companies in over a dozen countries. As part of technical assessments, he regularly advises clients about remediation and hardening and thus started exploring tactics and strategies that provide robust and sustainable protection against the threats present.





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