International speakers - HEK.SI 2018


Jurica ČularJurica Čular, Croatian Government's CERT 
Jurica Čular graduated at Faculty of electronics and computer science, Zagreb, Croatia as Master of Computer Science. Got an MBA in finance and marketing at Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Holds several information security certificates CISA, CISSP, ISO 27001 LA. Worked as an information security consultant for financial institutions and for Deloitte. Currently working as an expert advisor in Information Systems Security Bureau.



Miroslav ŠtamparMiroslav Štampar, Croatian Government's CERT
IT Security Advisor - Expert at Croatian Government's CERT, part of the Information Systems Security Bureau (ZSIS). Born in 1982, writing and breaking computer code for as long as he can remember. A PhD candidate with Master's Degree in Computer Science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb, Croatia. Also, open source contributor (sqlmap, Maltrail, tsusen, ipsum, etc.) and Croatian Chapter Lead for The Honeynet Project.


Balázs HambalkóBalázs Hambalkó, Balasec
Balázs is a Penetration tester, Researcher and SQL FAN. He has always had a strong fascination with Network Security (esp. Layer 2), MsSQL related security issues, and he is also interested in exploit development. He started his career in IT Security field 17 years ago with Reverse Engineering. Now he performs web application tests, exploit developments, infrastructure tests and configuration reviews. Sometimes he is asked for an MsSQL Performance Tuning project. He spends his free time with developing his ability in kernel exploits field, hiking, or playing table-tennis. Balázs proudly holds the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE), Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), MsSQL 2012 MCSA, MsSQL 2008 MCTS. 

Mane PiperevskiMane Piperevski, Piperevski & Associates
M-r Mane Piperevski is security expert with over 10 years of experience and expertise in field of Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing and ICT Forensics. He works currently as CEO and IT Security Consultant at Piperevski&Associates and he is also contributor to open software security community as OWASP Chapter Leader for Macedonia. Recently published white papers “Hacker Attacks - Undetectable attacks from trojans with reverse communication” and “Hacking Attacks - Security Threats in IPv6 networks”. Holder of numerous security certifications (C|EH, E|CSA, C|HFI, E|CIH, E|CSP .NET, MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, C|EI, MCT) and Europe highly ranged Cyber Crime instructor and trainer.

Alex ContiAlex Conti, Politecnico di Milano
I'm about to graduate in Physics at Università degli Studi of Milan. Thanks to courses I attended during my career I learned more about new programming languages. I experienced computer security for the first time by attending for pleasure professor Zanero’s course “Computer Security”.
Enthusiast of robotics and Artificial Intelligence I stepped in Computer Science by building and programming robots. Among the platforms I used are BasicStamp BS2 (upgraded by himself to BS2sx), Arduino Uno and Lego Mindstorm NXT.

Mislav BorošMislav Boroš, INFIGO IS d.o.o.
Mislav Boroš graduated in 2012 in the field of Computer Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. 
During the 4 years of active duty military service as an army officer he took part in international NATO courses and activities related to cyber security.
Since December 2016, he is working as an Information Security Specialist at INFIGO IS, mainly on penetration testing projects.



Yevheniia VolivnykYevheniia Volivnyk, CERT-UA 
Yevheniia Volivnyk graduated from the Institute of Special Communication and Information Protection of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Since 2015, she is working as an Information Security Specialist at the State Center of Cyber Defense and Cyber Threats Counteraction of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.



Pete FinniganPete Finnigan, Oracle Security specialist
Very experienced and expert in the area of securing Oracle databases. Pete has a deep understanding of every aspect of auditing, designing and teaching in the areas of Oracle security. 
Pete is a member of the OAK table - a group of Oracle scientists and also an Oracle ACE for security.
Pete has sucessfully performed security audits for major world wide and UK companies, government organisations and departments. Pete has also taught Oracle security audit and hacking practices to many organisations ranging from commercial, military to government and private sector.
A sought after speaker at many events world wide including events such as PSOUG, UKOUG, RISK and BlackHat. Pete has also been published many times in many media and has also authored the book Oracle security step-by-step as well as two chapters of the Oak Table book for Apress. He will also release his new book - Oracle Incident response and forensics - with Apress in December 2017
Pete is also an accomplished C programmer, shell scripting, PL/SQL, .NET languages, Perl and has a passing aquantence with many other programming languages.
Pete is familiar with all Oracle security technologies including but not limited to, TDE, VPD, OLS, Audit trail design and implementation, FGA, Security audits of Oracle, design work, encryption, PCI, RBAC, Secure application roles, security triggers and much more.
His company also produces and licenses a powerful framework based database security vulnerability scanner. We also protect PL/SQL code with our tools and locally in the UK we also help clients comply with the EU cookie privacy laws by conducting web site audits - see

Matija VerićMatija Verić, Atia Consulting
Matija Verić is an IT professional with more than 17 years of professional experience and long international business development and sales history, who managed and/or developed business for some of the key IT players all over Europe, strongly focused on information security.




Jan ŽoržJan Žorž, Go6 / Internet Society
Jan Žorž started his professional career in RS-232/VAX VMS world in 1992 and continued through Novell and Windows environments all the way to Solaris and other UNIX derivatives that today represent the native environment for the majority of his projects. Jan is the Internet Society's Operational Engagement Programme Manager. He works on operational initiatives to ease the deployment of IPv6 and other technologies. He is also working to help the industry document best-current operational practices and to improve operator feedback to the IETF.
Jan is one of the pioneers of SiOL, the Slovenian national ISP, and has been involved in the organization from the beginning. Among other activities, he began experimenting in 1997 with Internet streaming multimedia content. Based on these experiments, he successfully accomplished projects such as "Dhaulagiri '99 Live" (an Internet multimedia transmission of Tomaz Humar's solo climb of the south wall of Dhaulagiri (called Death Zone in the Himalayas), "Ski Everest Live 2000" (an Internet live-video transmission and monitoring of extreme skiing from the summit of Mt. Everest by Davo Karnicar) and other similar projects. Together with two other members of the team "Dhaulagiri '99 Live", Jan received a media award/statue "Victor" for special achievement.
For the last seven years, Jan has been working as a consultant in the IT field, specializing in IPv6. He co-founded the Go6 institute (not-for-profit), a Slovenian IPv6 initiative whose main objective is to raise IPv6 awareness in Slovenia and alert the community to the fact that we are approaching extensive changes on the Internet.
Due to the success of Go6 Institute, Slovenia is currently leading the EU as the country most prepared for IPv6 (according to the RIPE NCC's IPv6 RIPEness study). Jan has been invited to present around the world on his work, the model of the Go6 platform, IPv6 awareness raising and deployment at the national level. These speaking engagements have included conferences such as RIPE Meetings, Google IPv6 Implementors Conference 2010, Internet Governance Forum meetings, OECD meeting, World IPv6 Congresses (Paris and London), as well as national forums in Germany, Greece, Norway, Macedonia, Oman, Brazil and many others.
Jan is also primary co-author of a very successful procurement (specification) paper, published as official RIPE Best Current Practice document RIPE-501, titled "Requirements For IPv6 in ICT Equipment". This document is translated into more than 10 languages and is used around the world by enterprises and governments when requesting IPv6 features in ICT equipment purchases. RIPE-501 was recently replaced by RIPE-554, also co-authored by Merike Kaeo, Sander Steffann and Jan Žorž.

Primož CigojPrimož Cigoj, Institut Jožef Stefan
His main areas of interest are information security, digital forensics, fight against cybercrime, and cloud computing. Moreover, he is a Certified Ethical Hacker since this year and has over 15 years of experience carrying out security checks and penetration tests. He has completed internet security reviews and penetration testing in complex environments including banks, insurances companies, ministries, schools and companies with critical infrastructure.
Currently, he is employed by Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Besides that, he is completing the doctoral dissertation in the information and communication technologies at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School. Primož Cigoj participates in European Funded H2020 projects including the LIVE-FOR project (Criminal Justice Access to Digital Evidences in the Cloud – LIVE-FORensics). Besides that, Primož Cigoj is a CEO of SME software Development Company, RSteam d.o.o. based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with strong background in web and mobile application development with over 10 years of programming experience.
Moreover, he is the Internet Society (ISOC) representative in Slovenia since 2011. ISOC is a global cause-driven organization governed by a diverse Board of Trustees with dedication to ensuring that the Internet stays open, transparent and defined by the user.

Elijah B. Hlastan, Fogy Tech 
As a security enthusiast, I am happiest when I can solve riddles in security breaches, whether in my home, school or elsewhere. After finishing computer high school this coming spring, I plan to build a career in cyber security and penetration testing. My end goal is to help protect people from the crimes that occur daily on the deep web. At the moment, my partner and I are in the beginning stages of a start-up product through our new company FOGy.

Žiga Deutschbauer, Fogy Tech
My name is Žiga Deutschbauer and I am a eighteen years old student, coming from Slovenia. I am currently attending High school for electronics and computer science in Velenje. I am in fourth year of a program to become a computer technician.
I was always seen as advanced kid, always one of the smartest in class. I had been an excellent student all my years of schooling. My strongest subjects are math and computer programming. But only attending school has never satisfy my need of wanting to know and to learn more.
I have been competing in math competitions since I remember and in last two years I have also won gold awards. In my free time I am on the computer a lot where I improve my programming knowledge with learning different computer languages and trying to make programs with cmd and linux terminal.
But that is just not enough for me, like I said: I want adventure. Not only it would be an adventure and one of the best experience, but it would also be an opportunity for me to feed my brain with more knowledge which would be an excellent foundation for me to build a career doing things I am passionate about.




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