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Hands On Hacking: ICT Forensics - What Every Security Officer MUST Know about FORENSICS?

Sreda, 4. april 2018, 9.00-17.00,
Ljubljana, M-hotel

Delavnica "ICT Forensics - What Every Security Officer MUST Know about FORENSICS?" poteka v ANGLEŠKEM JEZIKU!


Today we know that sooner or later we will be victim of cyber-attack. Knowing this, we are left to prepare for the attack and minimize the damage as much as possible. This is also identified by new law regulation like GDPR that demands existence of cyber incident response and handling procedures.

Unlike traditional crime, in cyber-crime we have digital evidence that needs special attention and handling procedures due to its fragile nature. Without prepared, tested and planned procedures for cyber incident response we have very high risk on damaging digital evidence and/or compromising it. This workshop explains basics of making procedures for cyber incident response and focuses on must know elements in ICT forensics. Every person responsible for ICT security needs to understand what is strictly forbidden and what is allowed in ICT Forensics.

With examples scenarios and demonstrating cyber incidents hands on forensics, attendances will be able to clarify mystique around theory and learn how to make ICT forensics procedures. During the workshop, they will be involved in interactive evaluation of cyber incident and handling procedure

This workshop represents mixed combination of technical knowledge and theory focused to identify and light the path towards successful compliance with new coming GDPR regulation and best practices. All attendances will have opportunity to have their company personal identification of what’s important and “must know” in ICT forensics and along learn ICT forensics procedures from interactive example scenarios. Technical demonstration in example scenarios will be done by the instructor, making the workshop short time very productive. Technical solutions that are used in ICT forensics are widely known and new ones are coming every single day, but it’s crucial to know the procedures and have methodological approach to successfully gain digital evidence and maintain its integrity.

Here you can learn how to:

  • Build and maintain procedures for handling cyber incident
  • Manage ICT Forensic Case
  • Do's and don'ts in ICT Forensic


Part 1

Introduction to Information and Communication Technology Forensics

Part 2

Build procedures for handling cyber incident

Part 3

Do's and don'ts in ICT Forensic

Course Prerequisites:

  • Understand IT security and its concepts
  • TCP/IP networking skills
  • Basic knowledge about Operating Systems


Documents (forms) will be delivered at the beginning of the workshop. During the workshop attendees will fulfill them and easily make conclusions applicable for their company. This will help identify what’s important and “must know” in ICT forensics.

All attendances will receive Presentation slides with notes at the end of the workshop.


At the end, participants will receive the Certificate of Achievement by Piperevski&Associates signed by the Trainer.

Target Audience:

This course program is designed for all IT professionals involved with information system security, computer forensics, and incident response. Highly recommended for ethical hackers, system administrators, bankers, security professionals, law enforcement professional, incident handlers, security officers, defense and military personal.


1 Day (9h - 17h), 8 hours


M-Hotel, Ljubljana


297 € + VAT



Mane Piperevski, Piperevski & Associates
M-r Mane Piperevski is security expert with over 10 years of experience and expertise in field of Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing and ICT Forensics. He works currently as CEO and IT Security Consultant at Piperevski&Associates and he is also contributor to open software security community as OWASP Chapter Leader for Macedonia. Recently published white papers “Hacker Attacks - Undetectable attacks from trojans with reverse communication” and “Hacking Attacks - Security Threats in IPv6 networks”. Holder of numerous security certifications (C|EH, E|CSA, C|HFI, E|CIH, E|CSP .NET, MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, C|EI, MCT) and Europe highly ranged Cyber Crime instructor and trainer.



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